„1968“ - code for riot, change, modernization. We consider us to be echoes and heir of this time of changes. The new program „Rebellion“ tries to bring into question what still remains of the revolt of '68.

At „Forum neuer Musik 2018“ (DLF Cologne) we have shown the changes in music that have been initiated by the spirit of '68. Selected works of well-known composers illustrated the new possibilities in the chamber music of these turbulent times. By these, the classical concert format has been broken down and opened as a new playground.


Michael Parsons

Carson Kievman
Fire Alarm System

Mauricio Kagel
10 Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen (Ausschnitte)

Anestis Logothethis

Iannis Xenakis

Louis Andriessen
Workers Union

Heiner Goebbels
Berlin Qdamm

Nicolaus A. Huber
6 Bagatellen (Ausschnitte)

Saskia Bladt
White Echoes (UA)

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